Welcome Members!

Now we’re up and running.

Our founders are –

Grimboz the Death Knight
Healbear the Paladin
Herwamenl the Paladin
Itsu the Warrior
Jokurandomi the Paladin
Kilchu the Paladin
Numpty the Mage
Soulriper the Warrior
Vintergale the Rogue

I’d like to thank everyone who signed the charter to get us off the ground. You are our founders, and will be very important members of the guild in the future. If you feel up to it, recruit your friends or any other players that you think would be beneficial to the guild.

I just want to start out with one basic rule. If you invite someone, they need to be able to communicate with all other members of the guild. A little English is all that I request, I just don’t know any other languages. Don’t think that I’m not asking you to invite people from around the world, I’d just like to be able to talk with them!

Over the next few days I’ll be working hard to get together little rewards to send off to each of you founders. I’ll also begin planning out some instance runs and what I’d like to see each member doing in game. For now, just keep playing, having fun, and leveling up.

I’m going to try and keep at least 1000 gold in the guild vault at all times. Members will be given a chance to use this to repair their gear or buy new equipment/materials. I’ll also try to stock up on restorative items and some basic weapons and armor. Let me know what you need and I’ll see how I can get it for you.

Now, please leave a comment telling us a little bit about yourself. Your style of play, other games you like, where you are in the world, things like that.

The real work will start soon, so try and recruit as many players as you can.

Have fun!


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Old tech "collector".
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