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New Beginnings

After finally setting down and getting my DK to 80, I’ve started running all the Dungeons that I skipped in the past. I’m doing them in order of difficulty, starting with Eastern Kingdoms. This is all to get me ready … Continue reading

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I haven’t been on in quite a while. I probably won’t for a while more. My main PC is currently unable to connect to the internet. Or power on for that matter. I’m doing my best to repair it, but … Continue reading

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I’d like to say sorry to Itsu and Healbear. Yesterday, we were trying to run BFD. We hadn’t gotten very far inside when I had to leave. I don’t like to run out on things like that but sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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Welcome Members!

Now we’re up and running. Our founders are – Grimboz the Death Knight Healbear the Paladin Herwamenl the Paladin Itsu the Warrior Jokurandomi the Paladin Kilchu the Paladin Numpty the Mage Soulriper the Warrior Vintergale the Rogue I’d like to … Continue reading

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Here I go.

I want to be perfectly honest.  I’ve never run a guild before and I usually play solo. But, I realize that this game is not meant to be played by yourself, and I want to start up a (hopefully) successful … Continue reading

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